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We at Smartlaunch Creative want to make a difference to how small business owners bring their business online.

Our mission is to help fellow entrepreneurs to diy their standout online presence fast and without the tech overwhelm. This is why we focus on easy platforms and simple ways for business owners to create & manage their online presence.

We help our clients with branded website template kits, social media templates, marketing materials & much more.

We believe that helping others to thrive is a gift and will do anything we can to help our customers succeed.

We love to connect & work with like-minded business owners who are supporting other businesses & start-ups through simple techniques and tools to thrive.

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    What is in it for my customers?

    We offer a 10% discount on our full product range for customers who make a purchase through our affiliate program.

    What's the affiliation comission?

    We offer our affiliates a 20% comission on every sale.